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11 Treatments For Coughs That Can Be Curbed In Five Minutes, Per A Doctor


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Few things in life are as inconvenient as a persistent cough that just won’t go away. A cough can simply be a tickle in the throat, or it can persist long after a cold has passed. No matter how long you’ve had one, the discomfort may have you thinking about how to stop a cough in five minutes and looking online for answers. Right, the sooner the better.

However, a cough is not always a terrible thing. Our reflexive coughing shields our lungs and airways from irritants like dust, bacteria, and mucus. The American Lung Associationalso notes that a little bit of coughing here and there is entirely natural.

Having said that, you shouldn’t automatically disregard a cough. According to Michael Hanak, MD, an assistant professor of family medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, “a cough has many causes, ranging from a common viral illness to asthma or seasonal allergies to more serious health problems, such as chronic lung conditions, congestive heart failure, or even cancer.” Now, some individuals may experience a cough after contracting COVID-19. According to Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, a COVD cough is dry and protracted. Other symptoms like headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, and chest pains are frequently present in them.

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According to Dr. Hanak, specific drugs might also be at fault. Environmental triggers like dust, mold, or other pollutants may also be a cause, either by irritating the lungs or causing the postnasal drip. Another possible trigger is acid reflux.

When should you visit a doctor given that a cough could indicate a disease or be completely healthy? “It is fair to contact a health care practitioner when a cough is present for more than two weeks,” says Dr. Hanak.

11 Treatments For Coughs That Can Be Curbed In Five Minutes

#1. Use salt water to gargle

alt=Use salt water to gargle

Saltwater is an easy technique to get rid of a cough. According to a 2019 study, it might shorten the length of a cough. According to Penn Medicine, this treatment is efficient in killing bacteria, thinning mucus, and reducing pain—even if it may sting a little at first.

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Make one at home by combining eight ounces of warm water with half a teaspoon of table salt.

#2. Drink ginger tea

alt=Drink ginger tea

Ginger is renowned for its ability to settle an upset stomach. It turns out that it is also effective for a cough.

Dr. Hanak explains that ginger lozenges are frequently used for this reason because it has been discovered to be effective in lowering cough and relieving sore throat.

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He says that the root also possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that are helpful in the treatment of a number of ailments. Make some ginger tea by steeping fresh slices in hot water or using a teabag.

#3. Use heartburn medications

According to Dr. Hanak, antacids like Pepcid, Prilosec, or others can reduce acid reflux and any resulting coughs.

If you discover that it is a recurring problem, changing your diet may be beneficial. For example, you should stay away from foods high in fat, sugar, onions, and tomatoes while increasing your intake of high-fiber foods like brown rice, celery, lettuce, melon, oatmeal, and root vegetables.

If reflux is the cause of your coughs, you might also want to drink a lot of water and eat small portions at meals, advises Dr. Hanak.

#4. Drink Your Drinks With Honey

alt=Drink Your Drinks With Honey

While coughing, do you also have a sweet tooth? You are fortunate! In a cup of tea or on its own, honey has been found to be effective in reducing coughing, according to Dr. Hanak. According to Penn Medicine, it can also reduce discomfort and aid in the defense against viral infections. To get these advantages, simply stir two tablespoons of honey into a mug of hot tea or water.

#5. Take A warm Shower Or Bath

A hot bath not only relieves tension after a long day, but it also helps with symptoms of the common cold like congestion, coughing, and sinus pressure. (Just in case, a shower works just as well.) This is a result of the steam’s humidity, which helps to open your sinuses and thin out mucus.

An alternative would be to use a humidifier, which accomplishes the same goal by introducing moisture to the air around you.

#6. Hydrate

alt=taking water to hydrate

On any given day, being hydrated is important, but when you have a cough, it can be even more important. Dr. Hanak adds that drinking enough water will help thin the mucus in the back of the throat, which can mildly improve a cough.

#7. Pick Up A Lozenge

Another quick and simple at-home treatment to end a cough immediately? hard candy or a lozenge. Sucking on one can enhance saliva production, which raises oral secretions and can, in turn, reduce coughing.

#8. Consider a nasal spray

Dr. Hanak advises using Flonase or Nasonex together with a daily allergy medication like Allegra, Claritin, or Zyrtec if your cough is brought on by allergies.

Postnasal drip and associated cough are frequently resolved by treating allergy symptoms, according to him. This is particularly true if the cough is worse when lying flat or in the morning.

A cough can be seasonal or persistent all year, so paying attention to the timing will help you anticipate and avoid it.

#9. Purchase Cough Medicine

The over-the-shoulder shot shows a young Asian woman perusing medical products and reading the label on a bottle of medicine in front of pharmacy shelves.

Of course, you should try over-the-counter drugs as well, especially if you’ve exhausted all other options. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, antitussives are cough suppressants that can inhibit the cough reflex. Then there are expectorants, which thin mucus and may aid in its expulsion from your airway via coughing.

If in doubt, consult your pharmacist or primary care physician, and always check expiration dates.

#10. Probiotics

Probiotics can improve gut health, but according to Dr. Hanak, they also have a minor influence on preventing the common cold and lowering coughing. Yogurt and fermented foods like miso and kimchi are high in probiotics.

#11. Stop smoking

Dr. Hanak believes that stopping smoking helps reduce inflammation by reducing exposure to chemicals and irritants that are detrimental to the lungs. He says that a cough induced by smoking might progress depending on how much someone smokes and how long they have been smoking.

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