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3 frustrating scenarios that ladies with natural hair can relate to


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Embracing your natural hair is a path of self-discovery and strength, and it makes a bold statement in a world that frequently encourages uniformity.

However, this path presents its own set of obstacles, which any woman with natural hair is all too familiar with.

Let us take a look at three typical, yet completely annoying scenarios that can put even the most ardent naturalista on nerves.

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Everyone believes they can touch your hair without even asking. Unsolicited hair caressing is the most intrusive.

natural hair
natural hair

Everyone believes they can touch your natural hair without even asking.

The most invasive hairtouching is done without consent.

Many women with natural hair face a situation where friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even strangers feel compelled to touch their hair without permission.

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This breach of personal space is not only uncomfortable, but it also violates the basic respect for one’s bodily autonomy.

Your hair is not an open invitation for a tactile experience, and you have the right to politely but firmly decline such invasions.

Hairdressers attempting to persuade you to perm your hair

Visiting a hair salon as a woman with natural hair can feel like entering enemy territory, especially when confronted with hairdresserswho want to persuade you to perm your hair.

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Some stylists may see your hair as a problem to be “fixed” rather than a crown to be cared for, which can be disheartening and frustrating.

Standing firm and educating your stylist about the beauty and versatility of natural hair can be an empowering part of your hair journey.

Always untangling

Finally, detangling is a rite of passage for any woman with natural hair, a test of patience, endurance, and arm strength.

Whether it is a weekly ritual or a post-wash day battle, detangling is a labor of love that requires the right tools, products, and a good dose of perseverance.

It is a testament to the commitment required to keep those natural locks flourishing.

The world of natural hair is an adventure filled with highs and lows, challenges and triumphs.

Embracing your natural texture is a significant statement of self-acceptance and perseverance, so here’s to the naturalists who gracefully navigate these annoyances and continue to inspire with their lovely, natural hair.

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