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4 Amazing Advantages of Having Sex During Your Period


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4 Amazing Advantages of Having Sex During Your Period

It is okay to have sex during your period, but you must use caution.

You can have sex while on your period. There is no scientific proof that having sex while menstruating is bad for your health.

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Some people believe that having sexual relations while on their period provides advantages, such as relieving menstrual pain. Sex during the period might be more pleasant for some people than sex at other times of the month.

Having said that, whether you’re menstruating or not, it’s still crucial to conduct safe sex. You can become pregnant while on your period. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are also possible.

This article will talk about the advantages of “period sex,” the precautionary measures to take if you have sex while menstruating, and how to make period sex less unpleasant.

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The Advantages of Period Sex

Having sex while on your period can cause physiological changes in your body, which may offer a variety of advantages.

Relief from Cramps

Period cramps are caused by your uterus contracting. The contractions assist it in shedding its lining, which you notice as blood during your period.

Orgasms can help reduce menstrual cramps in certain women who have a uterus. Orgasms force the uterine muscles to tense and then relax, relieving the tension.

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Sex also releases feel-good endorphins, which can help distract you from period pain and discomfort.

A shorter menstrual period

Muscle spasms during orgasms help in the removal of uterine contents. In essence, if your uterine lining sheds faster, you may have a shorter period. There is, however, no scientific evidence to support this assertion.

Relief of headache

Headaches are a typical period symptom caused by hormonal changes. According to research, sexual activity can help reduce headaches.

Researchers aren’t sure why, but they believe that the release of endorphins during sex helps to relieve headache pain.


Menstrual flow can function as a natural lubricant if your vagina is dry. This can improve sex comfort and reduce the need for store-bought lubricants.

Period Sex precautionary measures

While it is safe to have sex during menstruation, you must still practice safe sex. This includes safeguarding against pregnancy, STIs, and other dangers.

Risk of pregnancy

Your chances of becoming pregnant vary according to where you are in your cycle. While having sex during your period may make pregnancy less likely, it is not impossible.

Some women have shorter menstrual periods or menstrual abnormalities that impact when they ovulate (release an egg).

Furthermore, sperm may survive in the reproductive system for up to five days.

This suggests that fertilization can happen after you’ve had intercourse.

If you do not want to become pregnant, make sure you’re taking contraception anytime you have sex—even if you’re menstruating.

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a big danger of having sex, but period sex can make them more prevalent. for the first time. There is a chance to win.

Changes in the vagina that occur during a period might actually make a person more susceptible to infections.

Having unprotected intercourse during your period—or any time—increases the risk of other STIs, such as herpes.

If you have intermenstrual periods, use condoms to avoid contracting or spreading the disease.


If you’ve used a tampon while on your period, remember to remove it before having intercourse. During intercourse, a neglected tampon can be pushed further into the vagina and cause infection.

A provider may be required to remove a tampon that has become trapped deep in the vaginal canal. If you are unable to remove the tampon yourself, seek medical attention immediately.

Planning Suggestions

Having sex during your period might be difficult.
However, with a little planning, you can maintain the focus on intimacy while minimizing the mess.

Observe light days

The amount of blood may not worry you or your partner enough to keep you from having period sex. If it does, consider when your menstrual flow is at its lightest.

For example, if you know you bleed light on days three to five of your period, you might prefer to have sex on those days rather than on heavier days.

Reduce the flow

During period sex, you might want to consider using a menstrual cup—a tiny, flexible device that can be used instead of tampons and pads. The cup catches blood as it travels through the cervix, reducing the amount of blood in the vaginal canal during menstruation. Most reusable cups must be removed before intercourse, while soft, disposable cups do not.

The cup should not be felt by your companion, and it should not leak. Some people, however, may experience discomfort while wearing this device during intercourse; the vagina may get congested or produce some pain.

Inquire with your provider whether your chosen menstrual cup is safe to use during sex. Remember that the cup is not a form of contraception; it will not prevent you from pregnancy or STIs.

The vaginal contraceptive pad, which retains blood in the upper part of the vagina like a menstrual cup, is another alternative for reducing monthly flow.

The sponge may not be as successful as a cup in collecting blood, but it may be more pleasant. It also has the additional advantage of avoiding pregnancy.

After intercourse, a menstrual cup or vaginal contraceptive sponge should be removed immediately.

Keep towels and tissues available

Put some towels down before you have sex to protect your bedding, mattress, or furniture from getting blood on them. Keep tissues handy to clean yourself down after you’re finished.

Choose a missionary position

During intercourse, lying on your back might limit blood flow.
Deep penetration should be avoided since the cervix is lower and more sensitive during menstruation.

Stop and inform your partner if you experience any discomfort or pain during sex. Slow down and converse to ensure that you’re both at ease.

Shower sex is an option.

A running shower can aid in the removal of any menstrual flow. You may also enjoy a delightful personal shower session by sensually rubbing each other’s backs with a soapy sponge.

Consider engaging in foreplay.

If you or your spouse are concerned about getting menstrual blood on your hands during foreplay or masturbation, simply keep the towels or tissues you laid out nearby to clean up.

If you or your partner are hesitant to touch each other, you can experiment with different techniques to stimulate each other.


Discuss period sex with your partner(s). It is not suitable for everyone. Some religious and cultural beliefs forbid having intercourse while menstruating.

Certain medical issues may prevent a person from having intercourse during their period. In certain situations, having intercourse with someone who is on their period is unsafe because they may spread illnesses through their blood.

While you would expect to see blood if you’re having period sex, bleeding during or after sex when you’re not menstruating is something to discuss with your provider.

In conclusion

Period sex is safe and can have advantages such as lowering period cramps and headaches, as well as perhaps shortening your flow.

However, you must still practice safe sex. You can still become pregnant if you have intercourse during your period, and your chances of transmitting or contracting a sexually transmitted infection are increased.

If you want to have sex during your period, preparing ahead of time can help make it less messy and assure your comfort and safety.

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