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4 Innovative ways to get your money back even if you are not comfortable asking


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Lending money to friends feels fantastic until it is time to get your money back. We have all been there, don’t we?

Fear not, shy friends! Asking for money can be a scary task, especially for the shy among us.

Here are four innovative and less disputed ways to get your money back while remaining calm.

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get your money back
get your money back

Paid-request apps that work together

Use a payment request function on a mobile banking or money transfer app to make a collaborative payment request.

The nice reminder via text

If meeting in person is too stressful, why not use the power of texting? Write a lighthearted message; maybe even include a joke or a meme about money.

Something like, “Hey, remember that cash I turned into your personal ATM? Time for a small payback session!” could perform wonders in reducing tension and conveying your message without a direct confrontation.

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It is a plain, emotion-free way to remind them of the debt. These apps are impersonal, removing the embarrassment and acting as a friendly nudge to your friend.

The “Preparing for Something” strategy

Incorporate your request into a conversation about upcoming plans or needs.

For example, “I am saving up for this new gadget and could really use the cash I lent you to boost my savings; could you help me out?”

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This method makes your request appear more about your needs than their debt, easing the tension.

A Mutual friend’s messenger

If you are too hesitant to bring up the subject directly, a close mutual friend may be able to drop a subtle suggestion on your behalf, which is less direct but effective in conveying the message without placing you in an awkward position.

Being shy does not mean you cannot get your hard-earned money back; with a little creativity and the appropriate technique, you can negotiate this delicate issue with ease and grace.

After all, the goal is to get your money back while retaining those essential friendships.

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