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Fruit juice and FRUITS; Here are 5 reasons why FRUITS are superior to fruit juice


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Fruit juice or whole fruits? Have you ever wondered which is better for your health? If not, here are all the answers.

Most of us believe that freshly squeezed juice is best for our health, so some people drink it every morning to get their day started. Though juice appears to be healthy, it has some limitations due to its high sugar content.

Juice can be beneficial if consumed properly. However, it is not intended to replace your daily intake of whole fruits.

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Fruit juices: Are they healthy?

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Did you know that? Juices are concentrated, and the most important nutrients are lost during this process.

Even if it is freshly prepared, it is not healthy. Juices are not a good option for diabetics because the sugar content can cause abnormal blood sugar levels.

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Juices can also cause weight gain due to their high sugar content. Obesity and weight gain are also associated with hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. As a result, drinking juice may not be a good idea.

5 reasons why FRUITS are superior to fruit juice

1. Provide essential nutrients

Fruit juice is made by pressing whole fruits. We remove the skin of the fruits when making a fruit juice. However, many fruits’ pulp and skin are high in vitamins and other nutrients.

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Many of these nutrients are lost when juice is extracted. Oranges, for example, contain flavonoids, but most of them are stored in the pulp rather than the juice.

2. They are high in fiber

The lack of fiber is the main disadvantage of drinking juice. Juicing extracts the sugar from fruits while removing the fiber.

Because fruits are high in fiber, you should always consume them. Because the fruit’s skin and pulp contain dietary fiber and other nutrients, it is a healthier option than juice.

As a result, you will be able to improve your digestionand eliminate constipation.

3. Fruit chewing is a good form of exercise

Before swallowing, everyone should chew their food. Chewing foods slowly and thoroughly promotes dental and oral health.

Additionally, it aids digestion by increasing nutrient absorption. It also keeps you from overeating, which leads to weight gain.

So, in order to reap all of the benefits, chew your food at least 24 times.

4. Control hunger pangs

Eating fruits is the best way to satisfy your hunger. Fruits, when consumed as a snack, can help to alleviate hunger pangs by regulating your appetite and hunger-related cravings. In turn, fruits provide enough but not too many calories to allow you to easily perform all of your body’s activities.

5. Assist in maintaining a full stomach

Fruits keep you fuller for longer and help you avoid bingeing on fast food, which can help you manage your weight, diabetes, and blood sugar. It also keeps the doctor at bay and hunger at bay.

So, always choose fruits over fruit juice!

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