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5 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know But Won’t Tell You


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Dentists make you angry, right? The majority of the people in the waiting area at your dentist’s office do as well.

“People say it to me every day!” says Maria Lopez Howell, D.D.S., a representative for the American Dental Association. I get along well with my patients, and they frequently express how much they detest going to see me despite their love for me. I completely understand that getting treatment, speaking out loud for extended periods of time, receiving advice, and other things might cause anxiety. However, I truly enjoy what I do, so I don’t take anything they say personally.

Regardless of how you feel about their profession, it’s a good thing that your dentist enjoys what they do since there are instances when they’re the only line of defense between your mouth and oral health problems like bad breath, cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Despite how much you dislike visiting, you should schedule twice-yearly visits to the dentist since they will not only clean and polish your teeth but also ensure that you are maintaining your dental hygiene at home in the most efficient manner (ahem, flossing).

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“We Don’t Expect You to Talk Back”

Given that their audience is a mouthful of sharp instruments, dentists talk a lot. Lopez Howell explains, “It’s like a monologue.” “We don’t anticipate you responding. We don’t anticipate you turning your head.

Most responses only require a thumbs-up or thumbs-down; if you feel strongly enough to respond, most dentists will simply wait until you are finished speaking before continuing with the cleaning.

“Stop Lying About Your Flossing Habits”


Your flossing practices will be one of the first things the dentist inquires about when you go in for a checkup. If you don’t, don’t waste time pretending you do it because, in the words of Lopez Howell, “your gums don’t lie.” “If your gums are bleeding, if there is buildup beneath the gums or even above the gums, then it’s a sign that you’re either not doing it at all or that you need to be motivated to do it in a way that is more effective.”

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Basically, you will be educated if it is clear that you are not flossing. Therefore, avoid lying.

“You Can Swallow Your Spit During Cleanings—But We Wouldn’t”

Allow the dental hygienist to use the suction instrument while they are cleaning your teeth. Cleaning typically involves more than merely spitting in your mouth, according to prosthodontist Mazen Natour, D.M.D., of Manhattan. Your mouth is also filled with blood from inflamed gums, water from the cavitron (the ultrasonic scaler the hygienist uses to clean your teeth), and tartar particles that the hygienist has scraped off of your teeth during cleanings.

“Even though none of this is obviously hazardous, I think most patients would find it disgusting to swallow; if it were me, I would just let the hygienist suction whatever fluid is accumulating.”

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“Yes, We Love Choosing the Plaque”

alt=tooth plaque

When it comes to clearing out the plaque between your teeth, dentists have the same attitude as folks who enjoy a good zit video. For some reason, that seems bad, but yeah, at least for me, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and the “Yes! I got it!” feeling, Natour acknowledges.

“Please Don’t Move”

While sitting in a dentist’s chair is uncomfortable for everyone, moving around throughout the procedure makes it take longer. According to Lopez Howell, “some people bob their knees or simply sort of move their legs around without realizing that it changes their whole body.” Therefore, if we are drilling, we will pause for a brief period of time to allow them to settle.

Keep in mind that there are several sharp objects close to your face, so if you’re feeling tense or tense-like, try deep breathing instead.

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