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5 ways styling gel could be harming your hair


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Ways styling gel could be harming your hair Although styling gel can help you get the ideal look for a trendy hairstyle, you should be aware of any potential risks to your hair’s health.

A common hair product for creating a variety of looks, styling gel has many benefits, such as giving your hair structure and a momentary hold.

Prolonged and excessive usage of styling gel can have several negative impacts on the health of your hair. However, continuous use may have a cost.

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ways styling gel could be harming your hair
ways styling gel could be harming your hair

Here are five ways styling gel may be harming your hair.

1. Buildup

Consistent use of styling gel can also lead to product buildup on the scalp and hair strands. This buildup happens when styling gel residues build up over time, causing the hair to look lifeless and weighed down.

Additionally, product buildup can clog hair follicles, impeding the growth of healthy hair and possibly causing scalp conditions like folliculitis or dandruff.

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2. Hair loss

Overusing styling gel, especially together with the rubbing from brushes and combs, can cause hair loss over time.

The constant pulling and tugging on hair strands weaken the hair follicles, which can result in increased shedding and possible thinning of the hair.

It is best to use gentler hair styling techniques and limit the use of styling gel to reduce the risk of hair loss.

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3. Chemical damage

Selecting styling gels made with natural or organic ingredients can help mitigate the risk of chemical damage and promote healthier hair growth.

Certain styling gels contain harsh chemicals, like sulphates or parabens, which can damage the structure of the hair by stripping away the natural oils from the hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and more prone to split ends and breakage.

4. Scalp irritation

Certain ingredients in styling gels, like fragrances or preservatives, can irritate the scalp. Extended exposure to these irritants can lead to symptoms like redness, itching, and discomfort.

For people with sensitive skin in particular, it is crucial to select styling gels with gentle and hypoallergenic formulations.

5. Drying effect

One of the main issues with styling gel is that it dries out hair. Alcohol is a common ingredient in styling gels, which can deplete hair of its natural moisture and leave it dry, brittle, and more prone to breaking.

Regular use of alcohol-based styling gels can cause long-term damage to the hair shaft, weakening strands and giving the hair a dull, lifeless appearance.

Although styling gel can help you get the desired look and feel for a trendy hairstyle, it is vital to be aware of any potential negative effects it may have on the health of your hair in order to implement good hair care habits.

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