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7 Characteristics Found in a Positive Relationship


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7 Characteristics Found in a Positive Relationship Most of the time, relationships should make you feel good about yourself, your partner, and the relationship itself.

Humans are social creatures that survive and thrive on a network of relationships. We are wired to connect, just as we have a basic need for food and shelter.

Strong, healthy relationships are essential for sustaining and increasing your physical and emotional well-being throughout your life.

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The quality of our relationships influences our general health, happiness, and life satisfaction.

Positive relationships, according to research, lower the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, while also providing a person with a sense of well-being and purpose, which can add years to your life.

According to research, those who are in committed love relationships have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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So, what exactly is a positive relationship?

Continue reading for seven great relationship traits, as well as professional advice from Ury on how to enhance your own love relationship.

7 Characteristics Found in a Positive Relationship

  • They bring out the best in you.

“You enjoy the person you are when you’re around them because you feel comfortable, confident, and joyful in their company,” Ury explains.

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Relationships may help us not only feel good, but also act well. Everyone is on their own personal development journey, and while it is ultimately up to each individual to take the required efforts to better, the best relationships encourage and support one another toward their particular goals.

  • You’re a good fighter.

There are fights in every relationship, but not every couple knows how to fight healthy.

Problems will surely occur in a relationship. “It is not a matter of avoiding fighting; rather, it is a matter of knowing how to fight properly.”

positive relationship

Successful relationships are prepared to deal with difficult times.”Strong, healthy connections with others are built on a strong sense of self.

Fighting with your lover does not have to be a verbal fight with one winner and one loser. If you can’t fight fairly (no name-calling, insults, or eye rolls), you’re not ready to have a conversation.

Take a break—whether for 30 minutes or a few days—and return when you’re both ready to tackle the issue at hand and what you require from your partner.

Fighting nicely is something that everyone should learn if they want to keep their relationships pleasant.

  • You maintain your unique identity.

You had a life, friends, and interests before you met your partner. In reality, your lover most likely fell in love with you because they admired your unique outlook on life, the way you treated your friends, and your unique interests.

When you start a new relationship, though, part of your “me” time will inevitably turn into “we” time. How can you be in a relationship with another person and not lose yourself?

Maintaining those distinct interests while in a relationship allows you to have a stronger sense of self, which allows you to be more capable of closeness, love, and passion in a relationship.

 Nelson Tip

Maintain the friendships you valued while you were single, and urge your partner to do the same. Your uniqueness is what keeps you interesting, and it will keep your relationship exciting as well.

  • You take turns assisting each other.

All relationships go through a variety of natural modifications throughout time. One partner may lose a parent or a career, which can have an impact on how they seem in the relationship.

Recognizing these changing seasons of life and demonstrating compassion is critical to going ahead stronger together.

Neither of you needs to constantly be ‘the strong one’ or the caregiver. Ideally, you support each other, giving each individual time and space to be vulnerable.

  • You pay close attention to one another.

This is easier said than done. It’s not simply about waiting your turn to speak or offering unwanted counsel,.

“Strong relationships need giving each other space and actually listening.”

If you want to be a better listener, consider summarizing what your partner just said and then asking if it accurately reflects their experience.

As an example, consider the following: “You appear to be irritated because you believe I am not completing my fair share of home chores.” “Is that what I’m hearing?”

  • You support each other in achieving your goals.

“A wonderful relationship sees you not only for who you are now, but also for who you could be and who you aspire to be,” Ury says. “They encourage and motivate you to attain your goals.”

Some people are reluctant to seek a relationship for fear of deviating from their goals or delaying their objectives.

The finest relationships will actually fuel your fire, propelling you to new heights you could never have reached on your own. Positive relationships will push and improve you because they see something in you that you cannot see

 “If you want to move swiftly, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together,” as the adage says.

  • You all develop together.

“Relationships aren’t static,” Ury says. “They will need to change over time as the people who inhabit them grow and develop.” What do you require from your relationship right now? What does your lover require of you?”

In 10 or 20 years, neither you nor the person you marry will be the same. The active engagement of each person in the relationship is critical for its durability, but it necessitates a regular reinvestment of time, energy, and love.

Establish monthly or annual check-ins to ensure that you’re on the same page and that the connection is beneficial to both of you.

This permits you to adjust your course before scorn and resentment irreversibly separate you.

Great relationships are created rather than discovered. It all comes down to putting in the effort to develop a wonderful connection and then maintaining it.

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