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9 Early indicators of pregnancy following a missed period


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After missing a period, the waiting game can be extremely unpredictable, isn’t it?

Knowing the early signs of pregnancy can be quite helpful, whether you are excited to have a child or you are just keeping an eye on your health.

The best course of action if you think you might be pregnant is to visit your hospital, because every woman’s experience is different.

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9 early indications of pregnancy

Early indicators of pregnancy

Understanding these indicators can bring you a step closer to preparing for what’s next.

1. That missed period is the first red flag.
Naturally, the first symptom for which you should go to the drugstore for a pregnancy test is a missed period. If Aunt Flo has not come up on time or you have been busy creating babies, it might be time to find out whether you are pregnant.

2. The nausea.

Morning sickness does not only occur in the morning. This classic early pregnancy symptom can occur at any time of day or night.

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If you suddenly feel nauseated or your stomach is in knots for no apparent reason, it could be a tiny someone saying hello from within.

3. Tender, swollen breasts

If your bras are suddenly feeling snug and your breasts are tender to the touch, it’s not just your body being dramatic.

This is a common early sign of pregnancy, as your body gears up for all the changes ahead.

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4. Tenderness like never before

Feeling more fatigued than normal, despite getting a full night’s sleep? Early pregnancy might deplete your energy due to the chemical rollercoaster your body experiences.

If you need more naps than a baby, pregnancy could be the cause.

5. Mood swings

Do you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster? Hormonal fluctuations are one of the early indications of pregnancy. If you are feeling more teary or irritable than normal, this could be a clue.

6. Frequent trips to the washroom

Do you find yourself going to the bathroom more frequently? Early pregnancy increases the volume of blood in your body, which causes your kidneys to process more fluid and require more frequent trips to the lavatory.

7. A sudden dislike of some foods

Have you ever found yourself sneering at dishes you generally enjoy? Some tastes or scents can become your biggest enemies when you are pregnant

It may be more than simply a shift in taste if your favorite dishes are now on the “do not eat” list.

8. Spotting and clamping

Early pregnancy light spotting and crampingare common in some women, sometimes misdiagnosed as light menstruation.

This can happen when the fertilized egg adheres to the uterine lining and is referred to as an implantation hemorrhage.

9. Pain in the back

Early pregnancy can also cause back discomfort because your body’s ligaments begin to relax in anticipation of the growing baby.

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