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Don’t compare yourself to others


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“Don’t compare yourself to others,” is advice I hear a lot of people give. But I don’t think that it’s a bad thing to compare yourself to others

Because the truth is, regardless of how we try not to, it’s hard to just focus on yourself and completely ignore what others are doing.

We, humans, have a basic need to evaluate ourselves. And we can’t judge ourselves internally, so the only way we can do this is by looking at ourselves in relation to someone else.

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The 3 ways I’ve learned to positively use my constant need to compare myself to others are:

1. Compare downwards — Always remember “I have a lot to be grateful for”. In comparison to a lot of people, the fact that I’m even able to write this means I’m more privileged than half the world.

2. Look upward (sometimes) — See the best people in the world as proof of what is possible and as a goal to work towards. I always remind myself I can achieve their success too and even move further.

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3. Beat yesterday — Only compare myself to who I was yesterday. Small steps forward aren’t as exciting as giant leaps but they’re what ultimately make you successful.

All three are useful to recall when you find yourself comparing in the wrong ways.

And each one serves a different purpose.

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The first reminds you to be humble and grateful.

The second pushes you to achieve your true potential.

The third is a practical way to improve yourself every day.

Use all three, and you’re well on your way to living a happy, successful, and fulfilling life.

_Dr. Daniel McKorley 

(CEO/Chairman at McDan Group)

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