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Everything you should know about erections that last more than 4 hours


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Priapism is a notable health issue in men, but not for reasons to brag about it; rather, it raises serious medical concerns.

Priapism is the painful name for a prolonged erection lasting longer than four hours; it is not your normal “morning glory” or the aftereffects of a steamy dream.

This is a medical emergency that has nothing to do with sexualactivity and everything to do with possible health threats; it is not about sexual stamina.

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Causes of priapism

“What triggers such a stubborn condition?” you ask? Well, there are a number of factors that can lead to priapism, and each one indicates a health problem that has to be addressed.

Basically, anything that affects blood flow or neural function down there can potentially cause priapism.

Blood disorders like sickle cell anemia top the list because they disrupt normal blood flow and cause this painful situation.

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Other culprits include certain medications, substance abuse, and even spider bites or injuries to the genital area.


In the case of priapism, time is of significance. Timely medical intervention is required to avoid tissue damage that may result in chronic dysfunction.

The goal is clear: to restore normal function and prevent future episodes.

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Treatment options may include ice packs, draining blood from the penis to relieve the erection, medications to reduce swelling and pain, and surgery to correct blood flow issues.


While some causes of priapism, such as genetic blood disorders, may be unpreventable, living a healthy lifestyle and managing pre-existing health conditions can reduce the risks.

To prevent priapism, it is important to stay informed and communicate openly with your healthcare provider.

Regular medical check-ups, being mindful of medication side effects, and avoiding substance abuse are all proactive measures to keep priapism at bay.

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