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How can I get my boyfriend back after breaking his heart?


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How Can I Get My Boyfriend Back After Breaking His Heart Junior is a classic workaholic. When I first met him, I noticed his commitment to his career as a green light. Who doesn’t desire a man who puts in the effort? I pictured myself pleased as I imagine our future together.

In my fantasies, he always gave me gifts when he returned home from a new town, city, or nation assigned to him by his job. In my dreams, I would go to great lengths to showcase myself as the ideal welcome-home gift for him.

And he often contacted me while he was gone on business to tell me about his new adventures. Oh, hey, it was just wishful thinking.

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When I said yes to him, I imagined a joyful relationship, but what I got was a continuously weary lover.

Is it possible to blame him? He was constantly working and travelling for business. He didn’t have time to eat or sleep.

So I wasn’t even on his priority list. We were together, yet I was always lonely. When I called him, he didn’t answer.

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If I got lucky and he picked up, the network would be so bad that we wouldn’t be able to communicate. Finally, I’d have to hang up in frustration.

My texts were frequently lost in the showers of messages he received on a daily basis.

What was I thinking? The guy was married to his job, and I was the side lady he talked to when he had some free time. It was not a lovely feeling.

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We were together for a year, although I barely saw him five times. I visited him twice out of the five occasions, and we went on three dates.

That was the end of it. Even so, he had to make the time because I whined all the time. We both lived and worked in Accra, but we had a long-distance relationship.

I loved Junior so much but the lack of attention did well to kill my interest in the relationship. His tribe was another factor that made me doubt our future together.

He is from a tribe that my family has warned me about. I know that by mentioning this, most of you will assume he is an Ewe.

I apologize, but you are wrong. He is not an Ewe, but he comes from a tribe that my family would not accept without a battle.

Despite the fact that the concept filled me with dread and anxiety, I was prepared to stand up to my family until they accepted him. The one thing I was not willing to tolerate was neglect.

So I zipped all my hopes and fancies about marrying a workaholic. For me, what was once a green flag became a red flag.

I knew I’d have to accept second place in his work. I didn’t want to do that, so I sat him down and talked to him. “I love you, Junior, but you love your work more than you love me.”

That is something I cannot have. So I believe it is best that we part ways.” “Why would you abandon us like this?” He inquired. I could sense his displeasure, but it had to be done. “I feel as if I’m dating myself.

So I’m leaving so you can continue to focus on your work, and I’ll find someone who knows how to manage work and social life.”

He attempted to persuade me to reconsider. He promised me things would get better, but I had already waited a year. When would they become better? It was the most difficult thing I had to do, but I stood my ground and walked away from him.

I was the one who left him, yet I was unhappy. My sadness was proof of my feelings for him, but what could I have done? I had to make a decision for myself.

He, like me, was heartbroken. We didn’t talk for a while following the breakup, but I was aware of what he was up to.

This is due to the fact that I actively hunted him on social media. It was my method of expressing my love for him from afar.

I watched him in silence until he reached out to me before the Christmas holidays. “I was thinking about you, so I’m calling to check if you’re okay,” he said the first time he called. I was relieved to hear from him.

We didn’t talk for long, but the conversation brought back memories. Since then, he has not stopped phoning me. It’s not a daily occurrence, but it’s common enough to make me miss him.

I needed money quickly before Christmas, so I approached him for a loan. It was a large chunk of money, yet he handed it up to me right away. “This is not a loan,” he explained. Take it as an early Christmas present.”

I was deeply moved by his thoughtful gesture, and I can’t get it out of my mind. He hasn’t stated that he wants me back, but he calls me on a regular basis to check in and tell me about his life.

I never stopped loving him, and now I’m even more in love with him. I’d like to have him back. I’d like to express my feelings to him. Yet there’s something keeping me back. It’s my dread of being rejected.

“What if he’s with someone else and I’m too late?” I keep thinking. I don’t want to be without him. How can I please get my man back?


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