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How can I regain her attention now that she has blocked me?


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How can I regain her attention now that she’s blocked me? My feelings for my ex faded after she cheated on me numerous times. I was hurt by her behavior, yet I did not abandon her. I hoped that she would eventually change.

Yet, as time passed, I knew she would continue to do so as long as I continued to forgive her. As a result, I went away.

A few months after the separation, a therapist introduced me to a lovely young lady. Her heart, like mine, had been broken by a deceitful ex.

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We quickly bonded through our tragic past and began dating. We were made for one another.

We’d speak, laugh, and do everything together. We keep the lines of communication open. Nothing escapes our attention. It’s one of the reasons I adore her.

I told her everything about my previous relationship, and she told me about her five failed relationships.

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We agreed to put everything behind us and treat each other as if we were our first love. “Love as if you’ve never been hurt before,” as the cliché goes. It was the rule we chose to adhere to.

She assisted and supported me in numerous ways. I did the same thing for her. She is the type of lady who beautifies relationships. With everything I’ve seen, I know she’ll be a good fit.

We had our issues, but we overcame them and emerged better and stronger. We know what it’s like to be taken for granted, therefore we always battled for each other.

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Everyone in my life is aware of her because I have used her photos as my WhatsApp profile photo numerous times. I’ve also put her on my status and added strong captions about how much I adore her.

So far, her insecurities have been my only issue with her. This thing ate away at our relationship like cancer.

If I’m with her and I stare at another woman by mistake, she won’t talk to me until I apologize. She sobbed and called me once.

We were together one day when I got a call from a colleague who had just been assigned to my department. We hadn’t met yet, but she was concerned about our job and called me.

“I don’t want you to talk to that lady again,” my girlfriend said as soon as the phone ended. “I got a hunch she’s not good.” I was so taken aback that I assured her, “That’ll never happen.”

This is the person I’ll be working with. How can I avoid talking to her? Believe me, whether she’s good or evil, she won’t influence me.” She became enraged and accused me of defending the woman. “By doing that, you have degraded me.”

When she saw the post, she went on a rant at me. She was upset because I tagged my friend’s photo, “Thank you for assisting me in school.”

God bless you and grant your wishes.” She believes I am connected to my friend. All of my protestations that the lady was only a friend were ignored.

Later, I apologized for what I had said and begged her forgiveness. She, on the other hand, made no apologies for her role in the brawl. “You’ve spoken to me about my insecurities, so I’ve changed,” she added.

Anything you do will no longer affect me.” The next thing I knew, she had been ignoring me for four days. I took that as a cue and stopped contacting and texting her.

I didn’t seem to mind, but I was dying deep within the entire time we didn’t converse. I couldn’t stand the discomfort any longer and contacted her. “What is the status of our relationship?”

I inquired. She brought up all of the things I had done in the past that had irritated her. “You stated I was insecure, but have you considered that you are also selfish?” She inquired. It bothered me that she thought of me in that way.

“I think it’s best we go our separate ways,” I exclaimed in the heat of the moment. That didn’t go over well with her. “Instead of you figuring out how to solve the problem, you’re suggesting we split up.” “You, let’s chat later,” she said as she hung up the phone.

I sat down and reflected on everything, realizing that I had made a mistake. So I texted her to apologize, only to discover that she had blocked me.

I requested the counsellor who introduced us to plead on my behalf, but she informed him that nothing would allow her to return to me.

She refused to unblock me, so I connected with her via the counselor. Yet, the counsellor has recently stated that she is exhausted.

The next thing I tried was to ask a buddy to apologize on my behalf, but that also failed to produce results.

I’d like to visit her, but she lives a long distance away. In addition, I work every day, so I don’t have time to go there.

I attempted to involve her mother, but she had already advised me not to. I’m sick of sending others to beg her for me right now.

If I call her from a different number and she hears my voice, she hangs up. It drives me insane that I haven’t spoken to her in a week. I’m not sure if I should wait for her to contact me. Or whether I should accept that I’ve lost her. What should I do, please?


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