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I used my necklace to curse her when she left for another man.


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I began dating Yaa in 2017. Before our relationship, she had never been in a relationship. I was her first boyfriend and the first man she experienced intimacy with. I loved her to the extent that I could not bear the thought of cheating on her. We experienced highs and lows together, but we never allowed anything to separate us.

In 2018, my father, who was living abroad at the time, sent me money to further my education. I bought teacher-training college forms and gained admission; later, I found out that Yaa had also bought teacher-training college forms and gained admission.

Yaa chose another school in a different region so I did not get to see her as a teacher. At the time we met, we had just finished senior high school. I did not have a proper job but I was taking care of her needs. I gave her money every month to braid her hair; if she had other needs, she would ask for money, and I would give it to her.

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I worried that our love would die due to our distance, but in our first year of school, Yaa’s busy schedule made it worse. I would call her and she would be on another call, and sometimes it would take her two days or even twenty-four hours to return my calls. Despite our distance, Yaa and I were still deeply in love. We used to talk on the phone every morning, afternoon, and evening.

Her behavior affected me greatly; I was unable to study well because all I could think about was how to get confirmation that she was cheating on me. There was only one simple explanation for her behavior: another man. Although I had not seen her in person, the writings on the wall were unmistakable: no woman who is not cheating on her man would spend so much time avoiding him.

It is not witchcraft; it is just a spiritual necklace. When I use the gift of sight, which my grandmother gave me when I was a child, I can see what has happened in the lives of people close to me, what is going on in their lives right now, and what fate has in store for them. If you want to use the necklace to curse someone, it comes at a great cost.

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Although it broke my heart, I was thankful that our mutual friends confirmed that Yaa had another man. I asked Yaa about it several times, but she swore there was no one else apart from me. I became depressed because of this.

Instead, I decided to make good use of the human resources available to me. I had friends in her school, so I started asking them questions. At first, they were reluctant to share information with me, but I was relentless. I kept pushing until they started opening up to me.

After complaining to my friends about her behavior, I gave her space. It was hard, but I did as my friends advised, and it worked perfectly. She eventually sent me a message one day after I had ignored her for a while, telling me straight up that she was seeing someone else.

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“I do not want to be with two people, so let us break up,” she said. I had already noticed the warning signs before she came clean, but that did not mean it did not hurt all the same. I cried for days, and almost passed away.

I begged, “Yaa, please make me your side man. Anything is better than losing you completely,” and she said, “I do not cheat in relationships.” With that, she discarded me. This is what almost killed me—the fact that she was showing off for the new guy on her status updates, with love captions attached to every picture. This was something she hardly ever did when she was mine.

That is when I remembered the necklace. I wore it, and it took me somewhere (spiritually). When I was asked what should be done for me, I mentioned Yaa’s name.

I requested that she never get married, that all of her relationships would end badly, and that the only people who would treat her better were married men. All of this was a dream, but when I woke up, the necklace was in my hands, not around my neck. That is how I knew I was not just dreaming.

After that, Yaa’s relationship on campus fell apart, and she came crawling back to me for another chance. Knowing what I had done, I gave her another chance and treated her better this time, buying her gifts and giving her money even though I was also a student.

I also used my allowance to buy her gifts and give her money, and when we had our intimate video call, I recorded it so that if she ever decided to leave again, I could use the footage to blackmail her into staying.

I should also add that even though she came to me pleading with me to stop cheating, she continued to cheat on me. I did not see any signs, but the necklace convinced me that she was cheating. Because I still loved her, I did not look for the truth; instead, I decided to accept things as they were, with the only thing that mattered being that I got to be with her.

One day, she came to visit me in Kumasi, spending a few days with me, and I treated her incredibly well. Although I had hoped she would eventually realize that I was the best man for her, those hopes were dashed when she went back home, and Yaa ended our relationship without any reason.

I was depressed more than I had ever been, and I did not want to use the necklace, so I sent it to her and joined the WhatsApp group for her school. “I am on your school’s WhatsApp group now,” I told her, “If you joke, I will release the nudes.” I did this to make her fearful, but she did not even ask me not to do it.

I became agitated and made a stupid post in the group claiming to have Yaa’s nude photos on my phone, along with a regular photo of her to support my claim. At this point, she realized I was serious and called my mother and a few of my friends, who helped me to calm down and come to my senses. I then sat down and deleted all the nude photos.

After everything she had done for me, I still loved her. I apologized and asked her to give me another chance, but she refused, leaving me frustrated and angry. I wanted to make sure she suffered for abandoning me once more, so on my birthday, I pulled out the necklace and cast the same curses on her once more. But, there was a cost involved in making the curse work.

I paid for my misfortune in 2021, which included losing all of the money I had made up to that point in my life and living a miserable life for the remainder of the year.

Thankfully, I have made up for all of my losses many times over. I am no longer thinking about Yaa, and I am gradually moving on from her. I also have no interest in dating anyone new; every girl I tried to get close to for spiritual research turned out to be a liar. Therefore, I do not bother getting close to any woman anymore.

I am still friends with Yaa, even though I no longer entertain women. I love her, but not as much as I used to. I have the means to provide for her, and I can also satiate her sexual needs in bed. Our communication has decreased over the months, which is why I am confused about a dream I had about her.

I am not sure what to do; should I reverse the curses or should I leave things alone? I need your advice. In the dream, she begged me to undo all the curses I placed on her. Could it be that it was just a dream and it does not mean anything? Could it also mean that her spirit is in distress because of the curses?

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