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I wish to help my Ex-girlfriend find a husband


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I Wish To Help My Ex-Girlfriend Find A Husband My ex-girlfriend haunts my thoughts, despite the fact that I have a wife. No, it is not as you believe. I’m simply concerned for her well-being. I wish there was some way for me to help her find a husband so she wouldn’t be alone.

Something tells me that if Abena is not guided properly, she will remain single until Jesus returns. Now you see why I believe what I’m saying.

I met Abena many years ago on social networking. She is stunning and has a charming demeanor. I was smitten with her even before I had the opportunity to meet her in person. We never run out of topics to discuss.

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I could bring up any issue and she would be able to engage me in a conversation about it. She is intelligent, funny, and witty. Our mutual attraction was evident. And since we were both single, we decided, “Let’s get together and see if we can be more than buddies.”

While we agreed to date, I am a traditional man, thus I am the one who proposed love to her. And I was overjoyed when she said yes. “I have discovered Mrs Right, and she is so ideal for me,” I laughed.

Yeah, Abena was ideal for me, but she wasn’t flawless. I, too, have flaws. And our relationship went through some ups and downs. We argued and disagreed on some issues, but at the end of the day, our love always won.

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We ran against a peak we couldn’t climb after two years of love and disagreements. I don’t remember the specifics of what transpired, but the misunderstanding was great enough to sever our link.

We couldn’t repair the harm we had done to our relationship, so we parted ways. For me, the breakup was excruciating. And if her feelings for me were genuine, it had to be devastating for her as well.

It’s been a decade since our relationship ended. During this time, I got married and established a family. Although Abena is still unmarried. As someone who used to date her, I understand why she didn’t marry.

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She has a worldview that causes her to be domineering. She believes that a man does not have to be the head of the household. She says and acts in ways that make a man’s ego feel bruised. And I know that her behaviour would turn off nine out of ten men.

We, males, have egos. We naturally prefer to be in command. And, in my experience, male-headed households tend to be tranquil. But Abena isn’t convinced. She spoke as if she would bump into her husband. This attitude turned off a lot of men until I came along. Only I could have dated her for two years. Because of this mentality, I believe no one could stay with her after I left.

I never expected to hear from her again, yet she just contacted me. “Ronald, I know we haven’t spoken in months, so please excuse me for getting right to the issue rather than exchanging pleasantries first.” “I require your assistance.” She wanted my assistance with something and approached me.

I didn’t want to turn her down due to our history, so I assisted her. During our exchanges, I saw that she had grown a little and that her behaviour had changed.

She is, nevertheless, still pushy. I know that life teaches us as we develop, therefore the fact that she hasn’t learnt much leads me to conclude that she is unaware that there is anything wrong with the way she interacts with guys.

I feel that if Abena could just close her mouth when she’s upset or guide her tongue against such haughty comments, she’d be married in no time. Every man would fall in love with her on her finest days.

She is charming, loving, and really supportive. What man wouldn’t want these qualities in his wife? The only thing standing in her way of a happily-ever-after is her unwillingness to submit.

She is getting older. She must locate a man willing to marry her so that they can establish a family before her biological clock runs out. This is the source of my concern. And it is for this reason that I wish to intervene and guide her.

I understand that her attitude and worldview will not change overnight, therefore the sooner I begin coaching her to change, the better.

My concern is that if I approach her with this, she might not take it well. Therefore I need the correct tactics for dealing with this problem without getting on her bad side. How do I persuade her that I want to assist her so that she will follow my advice? Kindly assist me in assisting a sister.


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