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I’m dating my best friend’s girlfriend (Abigail), but Abigail keeps seeing my friend


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I’m Dating my best friend’s girlfriend (Abigail), but Abigail keeps seeing my best friend Prince first met Abigail through me. Prince and I are great friends. He comes to my house on weekends and doesn’t leave until the new week begins. It was during one of these visits that he met Abigail.

I felt feelings for Abigail, but I was taking my time getting to know her before proposing. But as soon as Prince saw Abigail, he began hitting on her. I initially mistook it for a joke, but by the time I recognized it, the two of them were dating.

Prince came to my house to make the announcement. He showed me the messages from the beginning until Abigail said yes. I was a little envious, but I didn’t say anything. I applauded Prince and encouraged him to keep going.

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I remember telling him that Abigail was a good girl and that he shouldn’t mistreat her. He made fun of me. “You know I’m not like that,” he said. I’ll take good care of her, paaa, since I adore her.”

I knew Prince and what he could do, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Abigail grew closer to me as a result of their relationship. Whenever Prince came around, he would accompany her. She would cook for us while we played video games, and then she would join us. I was the one who taught her how to play. She was brilliant and a joy to see whenever she held the gamepad. She was one of us; a member of our family, a buddy, a teammate, and, most importantly, the girlfriend of my dear friend.

Prince called late one Friday night. He wasn’t coming around since his ex-girlfriend was paying him a visit. “Well, what should I tell Abigail?” I inquired. “You don’t have to tell her anything,” he said.

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I’d already informed her I’d be gone this weekend. Simply cooperate when she inquires about my whereabouts.” Abigail visited that weekend. She inquired as to whether I was aware that Prince was on the road.

I felt horrible, but I said yes, even though it was an emergency. She stayed for a time before leaving.

Prince described the girl as an old love. He told a falsehood. She had just started dating. He confessed to me days later, and the worst thing was that the girl lived closer to his place. “How can you date a female in such close proximity knowing Abigail will be around?” “How do you handle them both?”

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He claims he proposed to that girl before Abigail arrived. The lady didn’t respond well to him until he met Abigail and began dating her.

That meant I was going to stand in for him while he continued to lie to Abigail. It hurt my heart every time I had to do it, knowing perfectly well that I had feelings for Abigail.

Because of how we dealt with the matter, Abigail had no reason to suspect foul play. We kept deceiving ourselves for several months until I decided to take action. Abigail accepted my proposal.

She was astonished. “Why would you do that to your friend’s girlfriend?” He assumed we were putting her to the test. She eventually attempted to avoid me. I was honest with her.

That I adored her before Prince arrived. “I was just getting to know you, but Prince came along and didn’t waste any time.” I can’t say I blame him. I’m sorry for losing you to him.”

She couldn’t believe it, but I did everything I could to make her know what was going on. It was difficult. It took her days, weeks, and months to understand there was some truth to what I was saying.

She said she couldn’t abandon my friend for me since it would ruin everything. I assured her that I didn’t care what it destroyed. “I don’t care if the destruction brings you to me. Everything else has the potential to fail. As it stands, we may construct something new.”

Prince was preoccupied with two affairs, lying all day, and spending little time with the two women in his life. I despised everything that was going on, especially the fact that Abigail was slowing things down because of him, but I wasn’t ready to inform Abigail about Prince’s dishonest methods.

Her defence crumbled one day, and I was there to walk through the doors with no restrictions. We exchanged kisses. I wanted to go the whole way, but she said, “No, take it one step at a time.” I’m still not at ease with any of this. We are evil for harming a decent person like Prince.”

For the past four months, we’ve been dating on the side. Prince has only visited twice in the last four months. Abigail rarely visits him since there is always a lie that prohibits her from attending. “Leave him,” I recently advised her. He is not the person you believe he is.

He has another girlfriend. It’s what caused everything to alter between you two. Nothing would be damaged if you left him today. He’d later see us dating, and I’d be the one to explain.”

She seemed skeptical of what I was saying. She assumed I said it just to have her all to myself. “It’s already hazy.” “Don’t make things worse, or we’ll all lose,” she warned. I understand her concerns, but what I’m feeling on the inside is much heavier than her concerns.

I’ve committed my days to prove to her that Prince cheats just as we do and that she shouldn’t paint us as devils while she cleans Prince. I’ve presented her with sufficient data for her to make a decision, yet she’s still wasting time.

I advised her to pay Prince a visit one evening because he hadn’t gone anywhere. She didn’t do it. She wasn’t ready to face reality. Now she’s accusing me of being Prince’s collaborator all along.

She stated that if she couldn’t believe Prince, she couldn’t believe me either because we are branches from the same tree.

She still sees Prince but makes excuses for me. It appears that she has accepted Prince for who he is and is prepared to cope while leaving me behind. I adore her.

Every day and night, I show her that she’s the one I desire. While I prefer her over everything else, Prince prefers the other girl over her, despite the fact that she always goes to Prince.

I’m frustrated and unsure what to do. I’ve reached a point where I’d like to meet down with Prince and discuss this matter face-to-face.

“I see you like that girl more than Abigail, Prince .” I adore Abigail more than anything else, but in my opinion, Abigail loves you blindly and prefers you to me. Can you leave her for me in a friendly manner?”

I’m ready to have this conversation, but I’d like to know if it’s a good idea. Prince and I may lose contact. He has the right to brand me a snitch or accuse me of violating the Bro code.

I don’t mind as long as I get Abigail to accompany me. Please don’t pass judgment on me because this is a personal affair. You can call me stupid, blind, or an idiot, and I’ll understand because I’ve called myself all of these things. What I need now is a word or two to help me find my way out of this maze.


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