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Men are not asking ladies out nowadays, why?


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Men are not asking ladies out nowadays, why? Most women are surprised by this new concept; they play hard to get and are unhappy that guys are giving up so easily.

Why is this the case? First and foremost, no lady is worth all of that anxiety.

Second, there are over 3 billion women on the earth, so there are lots of possibilities; this year alone, 5,000 humans are of legal drinking age.

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To be honest, women make it extremely difficult to be taken out on a date for no reason other than approval and huge egos.

Of course, here is the point when they’ll say, “If a man gives up on you quickly, he wasn’t serious in the first place.”

This couldn’t be far from the truth; it’s all a lie to make a person suffer in the name of showing his love.

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Subjecting a guy to unneeded tests.

So the issue is, would the same woman be ready to put a man she considers significant through all of that, for example, if her guy is a public figure, celebrity, or wealthy man?

Certainly not; she would gladly accept his suggestions. In fact, she would quickly give up the cookie.

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And, as a result of the red pill, men are no longer willing to put themselves through unnecessary examinations.

Men are beginning to recognize their worth in the dating market. They are well aware that they are masters of the dating sector. They are the buyers and the female sellers.

If a buyer goes to the market and the seller is disrespectful, do they beg the seller or go on to the next seller?

Exactly, nowadays, the moment you start playing hard to get, saying ridiculous things like “where did you get my number?” OR “I need some time to think.” The guy will shun you sharp.

Men no longer have to work for a woman’s love; they now understand that it is the woman’s responsibility to work for their love and admiration.

They are the prize, not you.

Imagine begging someone to take care of them. For the love of God, Look sharp!

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