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My sidekick believes I cheated on him


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My sidekick believes I cheated on him I met Ahmed in December of last year. It was one of those moments when you meet someone and immediately know you want them in your life. I believe he felt the same way. Because he kept giving me sidelong glances. And when I caught his gaze, he’d smile. We exchanged phone numbers before parting ways that day.

We began texting one other and told each other about our lives. Because I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend, our conversations were mostly lighthearted. We enjoyed the friendship we were cultivating until he left the country. Despite this, we communicated during his absence. He told me about his adventures over there, and I was fascinated.

His visit was brief, thus he is now back in the country. On the day he arrived, I went to meet him at his house. We have tremendous chemistry despite the fact that we are both in relationships. And this chemistry manifested itself when I visited him. We ate and discussed practically everything. I had the impression that I belonged right there with him. Everything seemed so natural.

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I couldn’t get him out of my head after that visit. He was also always saying to me, “I miss you.” I miss hearing you laugh and seeing your face light up when you grin. “When am I going to see you again?” I, too, missed him. I overlooked

I kept seeing him until one day we both dropped our inhibitions. It all began with an intimate touch that lingered. And before I knew it, we were kissing and holding each other in places where friends do not touch each other. The rest of it was a blur. I finally came to when we were both nude and fatigued from all the shuperu we had consumed.

My feelings for him grew stronger after that day. I believe I’ve fallen in love with him. I haven’t told him, but he is aware. “I have noticed something odd about you,” he commented one day as we were talking.

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It has something to do with how you feel about me. It’s so obvious. “Would you like us to have a discussion about it?” Because I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend, I didn’t see the point in discussing my feelings for him. “Why bother?” I said to him. Remember, we’re simply having fun?” “You are correct,” he agreed. This is mainly for entertainment purposes. There are no strings connected.”

My only option was to ask my ex. When I contacted to inquire, he stated that he had not given my phone number to anyone. Then he said he wanted to talk to me about something and would stop by my place. I agreed because I didn’t have any issues with him. “My ex will be coming to my place to talk with me,” I said later in a conversation with Ahmed. Because I tell Ahmed everything, I told him about my ex without thinking about the consequences. He also did not have a negative reaction when I addressed it. I assumed we were fine because he merely said alright.

I contacted Ahmed after breaking my fast and praying that evening, but he didn’t answer. We typically converse on the phone after we break our fast, so I was concerned when he didn’t pick up when I called. He returned the phone later, about 9 p.m., but I was sleepy and didn’t want to disturb my sleep, so I didn’t pick up. My boyfriend and best buddy both called about the same time, but I didn’t answer.

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When I awoke the next morning, Ahmed had texted me, “Hmm.” I’m not sure if he thought I was with my ex when he called or what. I didn’t want him to get the wrong notion, so I called him right away. I wanted to convey the problem to him, but he never returned my calls. I contacted him several times during the day but received no response. I called him again the next day, but he didn’t respond. He hasn’t returned any of my calls since then. I’ve been crying because I’m in a lot of agony in my heart.

We say we’re just friends, but the pain I’m experiencing tells me he’s more than that. I am aware that I have a boyfriend, but I do not want to lose Ahmed. What should I do? Please do not offend me. It’s not my fault that I fell for him. How do I untangle this mess?

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