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Never put your trust in a guy who does any of these 10


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Trust underpins everything in a relationship. Finding a life mate in whom you can put your faith is not an easy feat. You should look for a trustworthy man.

Please do your best to locate a man whose yes is yes and whose no is no. We are a species. I lie, too, as do you. However, you are aware that, when it comes to a relationship, you must pick someone who is not a habitual liar.

It would have been the easiest thing to do when we found out the truth. Where can you find a guy who won’t tell you the truth? I’ll show you how to do it. I’ll drop a hint for you.

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Here are tips to look out for

1. He advises you to check with your ex-partner to be sure

His ex is his best buddy. You may ask my ex-girlfriend. He was even present. When you have cause to dispute his answers, he always gives you a lengthy explanation and closes it. I’ve already given you reasons why you shouldn’t believe your boyfriend’s closest friend, so if he proposes that you seek his buddy’s confirmation or denial of such behaviors, you should be aware that he’s trying to scam you. You should be cautious of him if he constantly requests that you confirm things with his best buddy.

2. He makes the false claim that he missed your call

His phone does not register missed calls for whatever reason; therefore, he missed your call. Isn’t your unanswered call incredible? While you are with him, he is unable to put his phone down. When you inform him that you are not with him, he simply puts his phone down and leaves it there long enough to miss your call. Don’t you think something is wrong here? He also disabled the blue tick and wasn’t seen since he doesn’t want you to notice when he reads your WhatsApp discussions. I can sense suspicion in the air. Do you smell it as well?

3. He plays the friendless card

You’ve never met anybody he considers pals. He has never introduced you to one of his friends. “Babe, you’re everything I have,” he continues, “since having pals would break our amazing connection, and I don’t have any.” That sounds like love to me. That sounds like a guy or a girl who would sacrifice a friendship to defend the one they love.

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But inquire, “Who does he call while holding the phone?” Who does he chat with most of the time when he’s on WhatsApp?” You should now be concerned.

4. He or she won’t put down his or her phone

You have ignored your most important employees in order to go on a date with him or her. You’ll most certainly miss your favorite telenovela as well. You spend the evening on a date with him or her, and the only time you can see his face is when his phone’s display turns on.

He’s beaming as he checks his phone for texts. If you ask him or her who makes him smile, he would say, “Nobody.” Nobody on the planet, not even him, can make him smile. You went by yourself to visit him. But he pulled the entire world into the debate.

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5. When you call him or her on a different line, he or she cannot predict who he is speaking to

He can’t hear you, but that’s not the problem. Absolutely not. The problem emerges when you ask him to make a phone call. “Guess”? Guessing is not one of my strong suits. I’m prone to making blunders, I’ll admit. He is unafraid of making a mistake. He enjoys thinking about the worst-case scenario in case he makes a mistake. I’ll die if I say Lucy when it’s actually Louisa. “Why would I even suspect Lucy since Louisa is aware that I no longer speak to her?” There will be no speculation, just the facts.

6. He always has condoms on hand

A packet of three condoms is sold. He seldom has more than one in his wallet. What about the other two? He will tell you that he handed them to his ex, and you may ask him to confirm this. Look at number 1 to figure out what it implies. He always carries condoms in his pocket, but you can’t remember the last time he used one on you. So, who is the condom for? He could also claim that the HIV/AIDS program he attended was open to everyone. You must ascertain whether or not he is telling the truth.

7. He gets your number today, and within minutes, he is all over you

Men that attempt to get your number at hello should be avoided. And take particular care of people that call the number and immediately start professing their undying love and affection for you.

If they got it from you, they got it from someone else, and they’ll receive it from a lot of other people as well.

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