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“The pregnancy was only a test,” she said


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We have been dating for a while; I love her; I have studied her thoroughly, and I know that she will provide me with peace of mind in marriage. We have talked about our future together on occasion, but we have not set any deadlines; we just want to follow the current and see where it takes us. This is something we both want; we just want to take our time and enjoy each other’s company until the day we tie the knot.

Since we have done things together—by which I mean we have had shuperu—I was not shocked when she called one day and said, “Marcus, I am late.” I did not have to ask, “Where are you going that you are late?” because I knew she meant that her period had been delayed.

We discussed it and decided she would take a test. I was not present when she did it, and I did not see any proof of the test either. Because I trusted her so much, I did not doubt her when she revealed she was expecting a child.

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She sounded scared, saying, “Baby, what are we going to do? We did not plan for this,” over and over. She was right; we had not planned for a baby, but it was happening, so I tried to talk some sense into her. “You do not need to panic.

No matter how much people prepare, nobody is truly ready for a baby. I have a job, so I will take care of you and the baby. Give birth.” She sighed, agreeing, “Okay, then we will have the baby.” She did not seem to be acting like a pregnant woman, so I kept asking her if she was expecting a baby, and each time she answered “yes.”

I told my mother about the pregnancy two weeks after she broke the news to me. Because of cultural customs, my family and hers must meet for an official introduction before we can discuss the next steps.

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Therefore, after I told my mother, I asked my girlfriend to tell her mother about the pregnancy as well. She agreed to do so, but eventually, she started to put it off. I was in Accra after talking to my mother, but I live in another region due to work. My girlfriend and her family reside in Accra.

I left town after realizing that she clearly did not want me to meet her family just yet. Whenever I inquired about the pregnancy, she would give me a rundown of the symptoms she was having, such as nausea, constant sleepiness, and fatigue.

She did this for a whole month, and I thought she was telling the truth. Then one morning, she woke up and said, “What do you mean it is a lie? You are not pregnant?” She paused for a moment before responding, “Yes, I am not pregnant. I was just testing you to see how you will react.”

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I can not say that I am not disappointed in her actions; although I was not expecting a pregnancy, I started wanting one when it happened. Now that I feel betrayed that everything has been a lie, I do not know how to trust her after this, and I want to end the relationship. Will I be right if I do this?

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