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We are together even though he said I was not attractive enough for her


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My friends from up north invited me to an event at a university sometime in 2019. Since it was not the first time they would invited me, I did not really think twice before accepting; I enjoyed the first event, so I knew it would be worthwhile to accept this second invitation, even though I had no idea what or who would be waiting for me there.

I stuffed a few things into my backpack and took a bus up north. I excused myself from the event to go pray at the closest mosque, and that is where I saw her. Her stunning beauty distracted me from the ablution I was about to perform, and I could not take my eyes off of her.

I could not shake off the déjà vu I had when I received my first event invite to the north in 2017. I could not shake it, but I also did not have time to approach her, so I hurried off, finished my prayers, joined the event, and spent time with my friends before returning home.

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All the while, I felt as though I had met her before. Although I knew I did not know her, I had this feeling that I had seen her before, right in the same spot we were both standing in.

I tried to move on with my life, but I could not get rid of the attractive girl I had met at the mosque. I kept thinking about her, even though I knew there was no chance I would see her again—we lived on different sides of the nation, so what were the chances that we would just happen to cross paths in town?—and I tried to ignore her.

I was at a place where I could get married, but I had not found the kind of woman who would light up my heart and give me the kind of passion I was looking for, so I was essentially living in a zombie state, focusing only on my job, friends, faith, and social media. Before I knew it, we had arrived in 2022.

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When my friend uploaded his graduation photo to the internet, I did not pay much attention to the other people in the picture; instead, I focused on the one who caught my attention.

When I looked closer, I saw it was my mystery woman, who had striking beauty, stealing everyone’s attention with her elegant pose, and, well, looking more beautiful than everyone else. I did not waste time; I sent my friend a message asking for the woman’s number, and he almost dismissed me with the comment, “What do you want from her?

She deserves a better man than you.” I was a little offended that he did not think I was good enough for her, but I needed him to get in touch with her.

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I used every trick in the book to get him to give me her Facebook name, and after three months of wrangling, we were in December. I promised myself that if everything worked out with her, we would be married in 2023. It was a bold prediction, but I am a man of faith.

Before I even opened her email, I knew that this account was familiar. I saw a post about health workers, which is my line of work, and I commented on it. Someone saw my comment and took offense, so she schooled me. Guys, it was difficult. She dragged me all over the place.

After she was done with me, I felt dirty. When my friend sent me the account name of my mystery woman, I realized that she was the owner of that same account. I was horrified. “Eii this world is so small. What if she refuses to talk to me after our not-so-pleasant past?” I asked myself.

I texted her a simple message that said, “Hey young lady, you are good?” and then I waited for her response. Even though I felt defeated, I continued to tell myself, “There is a reason this woman keeps showing up in my life. All I have to do is make the first step and the higher powers will take care of the rest.”

After a seventy-two-hour wait, she texted me back, asking bluntly, “I am good, you? How may I help you please?” I replied, “Madam, I know the last time you had the opportunity you schooled me. I am here to officially concede and declare you the winner in that debate,” not wanting to start a conversation without addressing our past.

“Which debate?” she inquired. the was all the pretext I needed to repair any harm the debate might have caused to her opinion of me. We discussed that terrible encounter before moving on to more lighthearted topics.

After two weeks of messaging back and forth, I finally decided one morning when I woke up that this was the day I would tell her how I felt about her. I took my phone and sent her a message right away, saying, “See, I do not know what your plans are but I want to tell you that if you give me the chance, we are getting married next week.” She replied with a smiley and a text that said, “Okay, I am ready but on one condition.”

I smiled broadly as I typed, “What is the condition?” She asked me to tell her everything I thought she should know about myself, and we carried on our WhatsApp conversation.

On February 6, 2023, I officially spoke with her parents and informed them of my intentions; on Val’s day, February 14, my kinsmen went to see hers for an official introduction; and on May of the same year, 2023, we were married. As I type this, my mystery woman has become my pregnant wife, and on our wedding anniversary, we will celebrate the birth of our daughter.

Our home is so full of love and happiness that I sometimes want to send him pictures of her when she is happy, with the caption, “You said I am not good enough for her but look how happy I am.” I think back on all the little moments that finally brought us together and I am glad I waited for her. I am also grateful to my friend who brought us together even though he thought I would mess up.

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