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What Are the Five Love Languages?


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What Are the Five Love Languages? Could your love chemistry with your partner need a boost? Whether you live together or are thousands of miles apart, telling your special someone how much you love them (and feeling that love back) isn’t always simple.

If you’ve ever felt that you and your partner are communicating in different languages when it comes to love, the reality is, you may be right.

We will discuss The Five Love Languages and how to express commitment to your lover in this article.

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What Are the Five Love Languages?

  • Words of Encouragement/Affection
  • Quality Time
  • Acts of Service.
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Physical Touch

We called out to Donna Keehn, a registered marital and family therapist, to help us understand what each of these terms means and how to incorporate them into your own love narrative.

When dealing with her clients, Keehn regularly employs the idea of love languages, which she regards as a beautiful instrument to experiment with.

As it turns out, the knowledge they provide may bring about both instant and long-term good change in any relationship dynamic.

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When working with couples, specifically, Keehn notes that “so often, each spouse has no knowledge of their own love language, let alone someone else’s love language, which may leave them feeling continually ignored, unappreciated, and unwanted despite trying hard to connect.”

That’s why I think it’s so crucial to know our own love language, because the more emotional intelligence and self-awareness we have, the more able we are to connect with others, including our romantic partner, in healthy ways

In the sections that follow, Keehn delves into each of the five categories and offers advice for incorporating them into your life.

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She also suggests paying special attention to which category most closely matches how you prefer to give and receive love.

Words of Encouragement / Affection

“People who connect with this love language typically value feeling acknowledged, respected, and understood by their romantic relationships through verbal acknowledgments (aka demonstrating affection through words),” Keehn explains

lovely conversations

She describes how “soft ‘I love yous,’ heartfelt compliments, and words of encouragement, support, and admiration” are all great instances of this love language in action.

In terms of implementing this love language into your relationship, Keehn offers excellent news:

“This love language can be conveyed so effortlessly and in so many ways!” She recommends using a number of methods to exchange meaningful words with your relationship, such as social media sites, texting, complimenting them on their dressing, and, of course, simply speaking to them directly. make them feel adorable. 

Spending Quality Time

“People who have this love language prioritize feeling totally noticed, accepted, and appreciated by spending deliberate time with their spouse away from phones, television, and social media,” adds Keehn.

“Just move away from the displays!” she laughs.

While it can be difficult to cultivate given all of the distractions around us, there are plenty of ways big and small to honor this love language and find one on one time:

“A brief moment of intense connection, deep conversations with focused eye contact, a planned getaway where privacy abounds adds up…anything that fosters active and intentional time to connect and give undivided attention is perfect.”

Acts of Service

You’ve heard the expression “actions speak louder than words”? That is the slogan of this love language! “Acts of Service is the love language of doing things for your partner, usually to make their life simpler,” adds Keehn.

“If you value sentiments of being sincerely valued, respected, and not being taken for granted, this is your major love language.”

Connect with a partner who “speaks” this love language, strive to give comfort in times of stress, and search for ways to ease their load “even if it means going out of your way,” Keehn advises.

Receiving Gifts

Receiving Gifts is the love language of gift-giving, and don’t worry, the value of a present isn’t tied to a price tag here.

“A widespread misperception of this love language is that the gift must have a cash value (the larger the money value, the better the gift),” says Keehn, “but, in reality, it’s all about the perceived worth in terms of thoughtfulness.”

“People who have receiving presents as their major love language typically discuss the meaning behind the gifts, as well as the emotions they evoke, such as pleasure, laughter, and feeling truly recognized and loved,” she says.

In this scenario, the key to being a gift-giver is to ensure that the present truth “reflects your partner’s world, their interests, their wants, their favorite things/experiences, etc.”

Physical Touch

“First and foremost,” Keehn chuckles, “the love language of Physical Touch embraces so much more than sexual closeness!”

“Physical Touch may also be thought of as Meaningful Touch,” she says, explaining that “this love language is truly about displaying love via physical gestures [such as] holding hands, kissing, embracing, cuddling, and more.

” Physical Touch is the major love language of those who appreciate “the intense emotional connection they experience with their relationships when touch is involved, whether non-sexual or sexual in form.”

What about a fun method to learn about this love language? “I urge couples to turn in toward each other (full-on eye contact) with some physical touch (such as holding hands),” explains Keehn.

“They are consistently astounded at how profoundly connected they may feel in such a short period of time, and how that feeling of closeness takes them through thick and thin and beyond!”

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    • Of course Yes! Baby Armah.
      Basically, these 5 love language forms the foundation of relationship (love). You may not express them all equally but just have in mind that these language is essential for a happy and beautiful relationship.


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