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When you meet the perfect guy but he is a known kleptomaniac


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When you meet the perfect guy, but he is a known kleptomaniac, youfound the ideal dude. I was certain of it. When I say “perfect,” I mean it in every sense. Kofi has never let me down since I met him.

He treats me like a queen. The love we share is lovely. I’m certain he’s the one. It’s there in my spirit.

I knew we’d end up together ever since a mutual buddy introduced us. It’s just one of those things, you know.

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He is aware that my parents provide me with all I desire, yet he continues to strive to provide for me.

I know our love story seems like something out of a fairytale, and it is. That’s how it feels to be loved by Kofi. It has a magical sense to it. I am constantly cheerful.

I guess I might say I was always happy until Yaw came along and shattered my bubble. He hit me with a dose of reality I didn’t ask for, and now my brain is spinning.

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Yaw is a former classmate of mine who attends the same church as Kofi. “Are you aware that your partner and I have been friends since childhood?” he inquired. I know him as well as I know myself. He also knows a lot about me

“In my naivety, I said, “I had no idea you two were friends, but I am delighted you are.” Isn’t he a wonderful person?” When I used the term amazing to describe Kofi, he looked at me as if I had spoken a different language. “Clearly, you know nothing about him,” he continued.

He told me stories about their childhood and details about Kofi’s history that changed my opinion of my partner. It turns out that the same Kofi, who, in my opinion, could do no wrong, has had a very shady life.

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Yaw claimed that Kofi was once detained by a landlord for choosing to live in an apartment beyond his pay grade. He ended up owing rent for several months. His landlord had had enough and had him arrested.

In addition, he worked as a work-and-pay driver. That one got him arrested as well because he would work on the automobile but not pay the owner. He will not be able to find good work, it appears, because he lacks qualifications.

He never finished high school. I mentioned a slew of other deviant behaviors by the love of my life. My ideal world came crumbling down around me that day.

I approached Kofi about what I had overheard. He had explanations for everything that happened. He even stated, “Honey, some of the things Yaw told you never happened.” He made them up to make me look awful. I am his friend, so I am amazed he has gone to such pains to damage my reputation.

Nevertheless, the ones that are true are in my past. This is who I am now: a man who works hard and earns a decent living.

Believe me, I learned a lot from my previous blunders.” I tried to question him to make sure he wasn’t lying to me, but that created a problem. We battled about my sudden mistrust of him. I didn’t want Yaw to be exposed.

Trust me, I learned a lot from my blunders in the past.” I attempted to probe him to ensure he was not lying to me, but this proved difficult. We got into an argument about my growing mistrust of him.

I didn’t want Yaw’s exposure to pull us apart, so I accepted all of his justifications, and we put his heinous history to rest.

I just discovered that just because we lay the past to rest does not imply we can forget about it. My mother called to tell me that she had spoken with an elderly person at Kofi’s church.

Everything this individual told my mom about him was also what Yaw told me. Yaw’s stories were easy to reject, but when they came from my mother, they sounded different. It sounded plausible. There was even a new story added to the mix.

Kofi was fired from his last employment due to his kleptomania. That was the final straw for me. You can’t go anywhere with a thief for a boyfriend. He will make you look bad.

My mom has not requested that I leave him. She just said, “I’m just giving you this information so you can decide what to do.” This is where I am perplexed. I haven’t seen him act in any way that shows he is still haunted by his past.

In comparison to my ex, Kofi understands how to respect and treat a lady. He is exactly what I had hoped for in a man.

While I am certain that I know who he is, I am equally frightened that my love for him may have blinded me. Maybe everyone is right about him, but I’m too enamoured with him to see what’s right in front of me.

The more I think about it, the more perplexing it becomes. I did not confront him this time. I want to be certain of my decision before approaching him. That is why I have come here to seek advice. Should I abandon him because of his history? Or should I concentrate on now and appreciate what we have?


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