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Why can a man date you for years and then dump you, yet meet someone for a few months and then marry her?


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Why can a man date you for years, abandon you, and meet someone for a few months before marrying her?

Simple: For guys, they want to commit to and have fun with women.

The problem is that every woman believes she’s wife-worthy, and it never occurs to her that she could be fuckable material in which most guys are interested in.

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It becomes a tie between them since men want to date a woman with the fundamental mindset to have fun (sex) then gradually leads to marriage.

And how can a lady date you for years only to marry someone else who, let’s say, they met within months?

Women don’t marry the man they love; they marry the man who is ready. Women have a biological clock (fertility and attractiveness years) that will be up against them as they reach a certain age.

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So it can happen that you will date a lady who thinks she loves you. You’ve assured her things will work out soon. (financially).

She might meet someone who can pay her bills within a few months, marriage will be arranged; and, surprisingly, your baby will leave you.

These marriages at times end up badly since they don’t know each other very well.

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This is fundamental knowledge that will help you navigate any relationship: knowing what to expect and being able to deal with it. And you can either learn now or perish later!

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