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“Women cheat better than men”


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“Women cheat better than men.”This is far from the truth; rather, it should be stated that men are easier to cheat with than women.

What exactly does this mean? It means that a man can cover up an affair better than a woman…

Consider this: when a man is a sidekick to a woman, he will strictly accept that role and follow the rules of engagement established by the woman, such as

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  • “don’t call me”
  • “I’ll call you”
  • we’ll see each other at this place and time.
  • Most importantly, he will not attempt to replace the husband.

Also, when a woman is a side chick, she will initially agree to be just that, but over time, she will catch feelings and suddenly call when she isn’t supposed to, because “she misses you,” and she will begin bitching and moaning about the attention you pay to the main chick.

The most disastrous aspect is that she develops a desire to replace the wife or the main girl.

Most guys who cheat are caught because the women with whom they are cheating are awful at it.

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Women are rarely caught unless they want to be, since the men they cheat with are skilled at it.

And this demonstrates what each gender actually desires from the other. Men desire sex, which is why they won’t say anything, he’ll always be comfortable with a side chick.

But women desire commitment, which is why they end up crossing the no strings attached line as a side chick.

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